Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wednesday: Vacation & Random Ramblings

As my vacation is nearing I find myself thinking about the trips I want to go on, and the places I want to visit. The more I think about the places I have set my mind on, I have realised that my future travels are in some uncommonly desired places, for the average vacationer. Today I even had a conversation with my mom and I told her how I have no desire to live somewhere warm like Arizona or new Mexico. I would much rather live/travel to Washington, Ohio, Massachusetts, even Maine. I long for cold, wet, and snow. Not just any cold and wet place somewhere with culture, music, art, amazing people, energy. (Is that to much to ask for... I think not) But, I have been really lazy on my posts lately. Even this one I started two days ago and was to lazy to put energy into finishing it.

So we leave for vacation on Sunday at 3 A.M. and I'm driving behind my parents for 8 straights hours. I'm tired just thinking about it.

I did go shopping on Monday and got some great stuff. My most expensive buy was a bomber jacket. I know its summer, but I have been looking for a bomber for going on a year almost. I swear when I put the jacket on it was like a chorus of angels were singing and I knew this was it. I also got a spaghetti strap jean dress for the beach and a super adorable white and blue striped semi-casual suit jacket. Perfect for future interviews.

But I have to admit the best store we went into was the MAC store. Not iPhone but make-up. The HOLY GRAIL OF MAKE-UP. My friends had to remove me from the store. It was like heaven. I was so tempted to pull out my debit card and charge everything that my account would allow. Brushes, shadows, blushes, and lipstick. I was always a chapstick kinda girl up until lately. It's as if my lips are crying out for color. (I know lame)

Any way what happened to me not having the energy to type. I mush have had a energy surge when I stared talking about MAKE-UP which is me cryptonite. (Should I have shared that ... to late)

Okay so things I wanted to talk about..... 1. Vacation (check) 2.Me being lazy (check) 3. Lack of energy (check) 4. Amazing shopping find (check) 5. MAC = HEAVEN (check) yupp that's pretty much it. So I promise to post again soon.


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